Thursday, September 29, 2011

Merge two gmail account

Since couple of years, I maintained two different Google accounts; one is associated with Blog, Facebook and LinkedIn, while another for business use. Twitter & g+.

It was really tough to maintain two different Google account, and every time I had to keep maintenance of both.

In spite of Google not offering merge account feature, we can use move product data from one account to another or associate with another Gmail account.

Steps to follow if you want to:

Associate another account? 
Most of these accounts have the concept of primary & others email. So we just need to add other email and make it as a primary.

For LinkedIn:

Go to setting > click Change Primary Email. To change the primary email, you must associate multiple email accounts with your LinkedIn profile. First add another email and then add the new address. You will receive a confirmation email.

After receiving the confirmation link in your inbox, click to confirm as a Primary Address.

For Facebook: Similarly, you can change other email as a primary email. 

For Blog: This account is associated only with Gmail.

Steps to follow:
  1. Go to Setting > click Permissions and then add another Author.
  1. You will receive a confirmation email in your inbox.
  1. Click the link to confirm.
  1. After confirmation, go to Permission and grant Admin rights.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

g+ is now open to all

After being invite-only for nearly 90 days, Google+ is opening up to everyone.

Facebook is the world's No.1 social networking service, with more than 750 million users.
The company has rolled out a series of improvements to its service recently, many of which seem designed to match features Google has used to set apart its rival social networking service, Google+.

Google did not say how many people had signed up for Google+ so far, but confirmed the social network was now open to all, whereas previously it had been invitation-only. Analysts estimate upward of 25 million users have joined Google+ since its inception.

Google integrated its flagship search engine into its 3-month old baby and it is relased with quite more intresting features mentioned in it's september release note. As this is a circle of friends not a book of faces.