Wednesday, September 21, 2011

g+ is now open to all

After being invite-only for nearly 90 days, Google+ is opening up to everyone.

Facebook is the world's No.1 social networking service, with more than 750 million users.
The company has rolled out a series of improvements to its service recently, many of which seem designed to match features Google has used to set apart its rival social networking service, Google+.

Google did not say how many people had signed up for Google+ so far, but confirmed the social network was now open to all, whereas previously it had been invitation-only. Analysts estimate upward of 25 million users have joined Google+ since its inception.

Google integrated its flagship search engine into its 3-month old baby and it is relased with quite more intresting features mentioned in it's september release note. As this is a circle of friends not a book of faces.

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